Jhunter photography
Ever since the age about 4, i had something of an obsession with photography. My grandma would always have one and whenever we went on holiday, she always had it with her. I started to understand the importance of preserving those amazing moments. The sunsets, the sunrises, the weird lizard on the balcony, the weddings, the birthdays, Christmas' the mitzfahs both bar and bat.   I was always amazed by them.
Fast forward to music college. There were new bands every week and they all wanted photography. Enter me! 
I stuck with live music photography on and off for many years, until I finally fell down the rabbit hole of portrait photography. Therein lied the internal story of the individual. I could capture the internal happiness and heartbreak of a person in a fraction of a second. Or I was just too damn lazy to carry my camera to gigs anymore. Then came a new rabbit hole to fall down; Wedding photography!
I don't take the standard, formal, family in row kind of wedding photographs from days gone by. I want to tell the story of the two lovestruck individuals in a photograph just as powerful as any written word. I want to capture those magnificent moments at their most natural and organic, blending into the crowd like a national geographic photographer, camouflaged into the harsh forest surroundings, hunting down an elusive panther.
  I want to show real life – without posing or pretence. I look for the moments that are natural, warm, emotional and electric – the little things that make up the bigger picture of you.
My wedding photography style is alternative, quirky, organic and journalistic. Highlighting the very best of your great aunt Norma, swearing blind that she's only had a small sherry (when I have the photographic evidence to prove that she in fact, had 6) and that distant nephew that you're not quite sure what is name is, sliding on his knees across the dance floor. 
When I'm not shooting away at weddings, I shoot portrait photography, models, fashion photography and just about everything else in between. Some might call me a prolific photographer. I just like to think of myself as a passionate artist. 
So, if you have a wedding or another project in mind that require my photography services, get in touch and let's have a chat.