After arranging to go to Tenerife back in January, Covid-19 made us change our plans somewhat. So, after the nice folks at Jet2 were kind enough to offer me a credit note instead, we decided that we'd either change our vacation to either Turkey or Portugal. Given that it was much more likely that we'd have to self-isolate for 14 days if we chose Turkey, we chose to go to Portugal for our much needed rest. And, boy oh boy was that just the best decision! Early September is just about the height of the Portugese summer. I saw 1 cloud! What's more, due to the fear gripping everyone and forcing them to cancel their travel plans, everywhere was open, but there was noone around for the first few days. 

So, I headed out on a few occassions with my camera to some of the quainter parts of the Algarve - even managed to get a shoot in with Charlie by the beach, with my lighting rig being just about the most perfect sunset possible. Golden hour on such a beautiful beach was an oppertunity I wasn't going to allow myself to miss. 

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